What is Keto Diet?

What is Keto Diet?

We often hear about best diet to lose weight or diet plans that are effective in fat loss. In recent times a new form of diet emerged known as “Keto Diet”


So in simple words keto diet is a diet that comprises high good fats, moderate proteins and low carb foods.


 Normally our body converts carbohydrates into sugar and that is used as a source of energy.


Fat component of our regular diet is stored in our body. That is why we get fat.  

In keto diet, as we are eating high fats with low carbs, hence no carbs are there to be converted into sugar, so our body molds itself by using fats as a source of energy. Hence it’s a true logic why high fat diet cuts down stored fat.


Now in keto diet you will face hair fall and muscle pains etc. For that use authentic multivitamins throughout your diet.


Use desi ghee, butter and olive oil for cooking. Use them alternatively because body gets used to similar kind of fat.


First of all make a grocery list.

Best to use olive oil.

Cook the food in desi ghee or butter and when cooking for family use olive oil.

Add vegetables. Use meaty stuff in lunch and vegetables in dinner.

You can have any kind of meat i.e. fish chicken, red meat sea food etc.


They say use green vegetables. But you can use all vegetables except for potatoes, shaljam and carrots. Yes carrots too! They are not keto friendly.


If you are a tea addictive you can have 3 to 4 cups of heavy tea every day.

If you cannot get fresh milk at home you can use a good brand’s cream for tea.


Use biotin every day vitamin-E thrice a week, calcium and zinc every day. Magnesium twice a week.


Don’t take calcium zinc with magnesium on same day as both contains vitamin- D and that may cause toxicity.


Biotion 5000 or 10000 microgram (for hair, nail and skin) 


Evion 400mg (for hair nail and skin) 


Calcium and zinc (for bones as you can’t have dairy products or milk) 


Magnesium prevents muscle cramps dramatically.


First thing in morning you will have apple cider vinegar (acv) water.

In one glass of water, put 1 table spoon apple cider vinegar, pinch of pink salt and half lemon. This drink keeps electrolyte level optimum in our body which normally gets disturb in keto diet.

In its absence you will start having muscle cramps.


Next in breakfast have 2 boiled eggs with one cheese triangle or (2 eggs one slice cheese omelet) with veggies. Use one fourth of white onion, tomato, green pepper, few olives, and few sausage slice. Try to have spring onions instead, they have less carbs than white onion. It will also help in losing weight.


You can have 6 eggs in a day.


You can cook any vegetable and chicken like normal home food. For example butter chicken, white cream chicken handi in “desi ghee”, chicken jelfrezi etc.


In vegetables use all vegetables which normally are cooked at home. Don’t use peas.


Eat chapli /shami /gola kabas /tikka (better to cook at home) as processed food tend to have more carbs because of the preservatives.


Make tea with 2 tea bags in microwave. After proper heating add 2 table spoons of cream, whip it. Heat it again in microwave. It then becomes delicious and act as an alternative to the famous BULLET PROOF COFFEE.


Now here comes the keto flu. It’s really bad. I experienced it for 2 days. I was disorganized, disorientated in time and space. But it went away. Apple cider vinegar helps in this regard. Also i had one proper cup of tea made in normal milk (this was a cheat). After that I was fine.


You can only have berry family in keto diet for fruits. Falsa, strawberry, raspberries etc. No other fruit.


You can have big glasses of falsa juice comfortably. Use stevia or brown sugar for sweetness.


Sugar craving is a big side effect. Use a bar of dark chocolate instead. Melt it in microwave mix it with cream and stevia /brown sugar. Put it in freezer. Eat it like a chocolate mousse.

You can over eat it in the start but try to be in keto frame work.


So a keto diet is a very useful way of losing weight by eating. There are many weight loss products in market which are if totally organic are good to use. But along with those this way of eating helps a lot and paces up your weight loss routine. Exercise or walk added will do wonders for achieving a healthy weight and body.


That’s all folks………………. Best of luck.



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