MAQ -10

MAQ -10

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Product Type : Male & Female Infertility

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1) Male Infertility

Improves testosterone and erectile dysfunction
Provides energy to spermatogenisis
Increase sperm count, motility and seminal fluid
Protects sperms from free radical damage
Heightens Libido and sexual orientation
Pre-mature ejaculation

2) Female Infertility
Reduces unexplained infertility in females
Improves age related decline in fertility
Preserves the ovarian follicle pool
Improves mitochondrial performance in oocytes
Improves quality of Oocytes and enhances fertility
Reduces PIH and Pre-Eclampsia

3) Sustains Natural Energy, helps lower fatigue and boosts stamina.
4) Reduces Free Radical Damage.
5) Help With Exercise Performance.
6) Slows Down Effects of Aging and Reduces Wrinkles.
7) Improves Heart Health and Offset Effects of Statin Drugs
8) Helps Treat High Blood Pressure and Heart Failure.
9) Reduces High Cholesterol Levels in the Blood
10) Up to 60% Prevention in Migraine Frequency.
11) Reduces Muscular Dystrophy.


    Coenzyme Q10 activates the energy cells and clears the monolonate pathway for energy to pass.

    Dosage / Directions

    • BD (twice a day)
    • OD (once a day)
    • TDS (thrice a day)

    Keep at a cool place
    Course Duration
    • BD (twice a day)
    • OD (once a day)
    • TDS (thrice a day)

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