Agislim is in the form of tablets. Use 2 to 3 tablets according to your weight 30 minutes before
One tablet 30 minutes before breakfast
One tablet 30 minutes before lunch
One tablet 30 minutes before dinner.
One bottle consists of 60 tablets. Usually for 70 kg and above 3 tablets in day is recommended.
. Use regularly and lose 3 to 4 kg per month naturally.
Garnicia Combogia:
. Burns fat
Suppresses Hunger
Improves Digestive system
Balances mood
Taraxacum officinale:
Reduce water based fat
. Consist of all minerals and vitamins
Protects from cancer
Mostly used by athlete
Detoxifies body
Echnicia officinale:
Reduce swelling based weight
. Relieves constipation
Relaxes stomach
Camellia sinensis:
Improves digestive system.
. Consist of anti-oxidents (improves skin)
Clean body organs
Boosts metabolism
Coffea Arabica:
Good for heart
. Maintain cholesterol level
Good for overall body (Feel energetic)
Supports eye health