Around ten years ago a group of dedicated professionals keeping in view the nobility of the profession joined hands together and stepped into the health care industry, to erase the misery and agony of the poor regarding access to essential medicine and health care , the initiative was taken on the basis of continuous scientific research, ethical commitment and humanity grounds. This initiative was named as "Aegis Pharma". 

Aegis Pharma is a prototype organisation which is unique in taking care of its customers both internal & external. For a decade our quality, innovative and low priced products have not only a pleasantly addition in market but also a successful socio-economic effort for the non-affording masses to relieve their pain.

We are indebted to all the doctors, chemists, distributors and other health care related professionals, who put their trust in our products and believed in our capabilities.

Today Aegis Pharma is a fast growing organisation in Pharma industry. We are operating in two provinces with almost fifty different products in gynae, leads, ortho and medicinal speciality.