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Cures iron deficiency in females

  • For Optimum Performance
  • For Healthy RBC
  • Maintaining Appetite
  • Pregnancy & Lactation
  • Maintaining Stamina
  • Safe & Effective Iron.
  • Iron Bisglycinate for Easy Absorption of iron.
  • Promotes healthy Red Blood Cells Count.
  • Supports Energy.
  • Excellent for Healthy & Safe Pregnancy.
  • Effective for Muscles Fatigue.
  • Effective for pale skin color 

      According to Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society

      90% pregnant women are anemic.
      Ref: Asia pac j clin Nutr 2013;22(3):340-347
      Females of reproductive age have been shown to be the most iron deficiency anemic.
      Ref: Asia pac clin Nutr 2013;22(3): 340-347

      Complications among pregnant mothers result in high mortality & morbidity with low birth weight, increased infant mortality rate.

      Iron Bis. (Arofol) is an iron-amino acid chelate relatively high bioavailability up to 90.9%.
      Iron Bis. (Arofnl) is chelated conjugation does not produce free radicals so it is stomach gentle.
      Iron Bis. (Arofol) (chelated conjugation) also does not produce insoluble ferric hydroxide in small intestine, So does not cause diarrhea etc.
      That's why AroFol is the solution.


      Dosage / Directions
      1-2 tablets daily or as advised by the physician
      Keep at a cool place
      Course Duration
      Minimum 6 months
      Shipping Time:
      Three working days


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